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VB.NET - Parse with OCR

How to parse with OCR in VB.NET and ByteScout Document Parser SDK

The sample source code below will show you how to cope with a difficult task like parse with OCR in VB.NET. ByteScout Document Parser SDK can parse with OCR. It can be used from VB.NET.

ByteScout Document Parser SDK is the customizable data extraction platform for batch data extraction from documents. Relies on special templates that can be created with no special technical skills required. Supports millions of documents as input and designed to handle multiple threads. Can output data as JSON, CSV, XML, or custom format.

You will save a lot of time on writing and testing code as you may just take the VB.NET code from ByteScout Document Parser SDK for parse with OCR below and use it in your application. Follow the instructions from scratch to work and copy the VB.NET code. This basic programming language sample code for VB.NET will do the whole work for you to parse with OCR.

The free trial version of ByteScout Document Parser SDK is available on our website. Documentation and source code samples are included.