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C# - General Example

General example in C# using ByteScout Document Parser SDK

We’ve created and updating regularly our sample code library so you may quickly learn general examples and the step-by-step process in C#. A general example in C# can be implemented with ByteScout Document Parser SDK.

ByteScout Document Parser SDK is the customizable data extraction platform for batch data extraction from documents. Relies on special templates that can be created with no special technical skills required. Supports millions of documents as input and designed to handle multiple threads. Can output data as JSON, CSV, XML, or custom format.

Fast application programming interfaces of ByteScout Document Parser SDK for C# plus the instruction and the C# code below will help you quickly learn general examples. C# sample code is all you need: copy and paste the code to your C# application’s code editor, add a reference to ByteScout Document Parser SDK (if you haven’t added yet) and you are ready to go! Test C# sample code examples whether they respond to your needs and requirements for the project.

The trial version can be downloaded from our website. Source code samples for C# and documentation are included.