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At ByteScout we are dedicated to helping other developers in their work and careers.  That is why we've created this Online Academy with courses about various technologies and products.

Gain new skills with easy! Our are designed to help you in learning tips, tricks and how-to with the ultimate goal to spend less time on  routine operations, and spend more time on what matters.

Online learning with us is easy: just sign up for a course and start learning by short 3-5 minutes sessions with video.

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SQL Server For Beginners

SQL and SQL Server for beginners! From simple data storage concepts to managing database.
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PDF Extractor SDK Essentials

Learn more about data extraction from PDF documents using PDF Extractor SDK. The course will demonstrate few specific usage scenarios.
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Javascript Essentials

Learn basic concepts, see how to use basic JS tools for everyday programming. And prepare yourself for full speed modern programming!
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Beginners

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Barcode Reader SDK Essentials

Learn more about decoding barcodes from images, PDF and TIFF documents. See how form elements can be detected on scanned forms.
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